Gladys T. Svalina

Meet Prof Gladys T. Larsen, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, HFSN, BNAT- IDPH Evaluator, founder and President of Prepping For FNP Certification! Gladys has dedicated her life to the healthcare profession and continues to expand her education and training. Gladys has been a driving force in healthcare for over twenty years and has experience in various aspects of the nursing profession. Gladys has experience as a certified nursing assistant, and registered nursing experience in medical surgical nursing , telemetry, emergency medicine, nurse case management, occupational health, home health care, and private duty nursing. Gladys also worked as a Chicago Police Officer for many years and held a position within the department's Medical Service Section as a nurse manager. Gladys is currently certified as Health Facilities Surveillance Nurse and worked with the Illinois Department of Public Health - Long Term Care Division. She is well versed in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid policies and the healthcare needs of our growing geriatric population. As a nursing educator, Gladys provides instruction to Family Nurse Practitioner student's to enhance the didactic and practicum experience.

During her time with IDPH, Gladys gained knowledge and skills pertaining to federal, state and agency laws, as well as rules and regulations concerning licensure and certification of health care agencies. Gladys is a practicing Family Nurse Practitioner and has been the primary care provider for over two hundred patients in the acute and post-acute setting. Gladys is also a Family Nurse Practitioner professor and sits on the Family Nurse Practitioner admission committee for Governors’ State University. Gladys is certified with the American Academy Nurse Practitioner Certification Board. She is also an active member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Illinois Society of Nurse Practitioners (ISAPN), American Nurses Association (ANA), Illinois Nurse Association (INA), and Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI).

Gladys' preferred teaching philosophy is one that prepares students for the classroom as well as clinical practice. Social policy has most certainly had a great influence on the health care delivery system in the United States. It is imperative that nursing students conceptualize the importance of nursing theory as well as clinical competence.

It is Gladys' philosophy that all nursing students understand that great will, time, energy, evidence based practice, and clinical expertise is needed to stay abreast with the rapidly changing health care delivery system. It is Gladys' belief that a nursing educator must also educate students to influence nursing policy by advocating for the nursing profession as well as patient centered care.

Gladys' feels that to be an effective nursing educator, and innovative leader, one must be servant and knowledgeable to their students. It is imperative that those who lead, aid in evidence based practice to enhance the students learning experience. Followers of the nursing educator expect professionalism, as well as competence. Gladys feels that In order to develop a clear vision, the nursing educator must empower their students!

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